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for March 2021

PRISM: The Dance of Light

PRISM: The Dance of Light - CM148

This work for brass quintet was commissioned by the Nebraska Brass for its 2008 season "American Premieres."

"PRISM: The Dance of Light" is a musical exploration of the seven colors of the rainbow in seven miniatures. Each movement represents the feelings and impressions the composer experiences for each color. This piece is dedicated to the memory of late UNL Professor Emeritus Robert M. Beadell, Nolan Schmit's first composition professor during his undergraduate career at the University of Nebraska.

Published by Nolan E. Schmit

Grade: Difficult

I. Red              II. Orange              III. Yellow

IV. Green        V. Blue                   VI. Indigo

VIII. Violet

Listen to II. Orange from

PRISM: The Dance of Light - CM148